5 Reasons Why Playing The Field Gets You Nowhere In Retargeting

5 Reasons Why Playing The Field Gets You Nowhere In Retargeting

A lot of retailers think that retargeting is like dating – you let a lot of people take you on dates so that you can find your “perfect match.”

There’s a problem with that though, because retargeting is nothing like dating, and running around with multiple vendors will not help you find the “one.” It’ll only leave you with a headache (and maybe even heartbreak.)

There’s no doubt that having a solid retargeting strategy to bring shoppers back to your site is a key part of any online retailer’s game plan. And of course you want to make the right choice before committing to just one vendor, but courting multiple vendors will never get you the results you’re looking for.

It might seem like a good idea at first – you can test out different options and see which one gets the job done best. Maybe you’ll run a few different campaigns with a couple of different companies, and then run the numbers at the end of the month to find your number one – but unfortunately, retargeting doesn’t work that way.

You’re much better off doing your best research first and then choosing to work with the retargeting vendor you feel most confident in.

    Here are 5 good reasons to stop playing the field, and finally just make a commitment:

    1. Who’s Doing What?

    Attribution issues are no fun – especially if you’re the one who ends up with the task of trying to untangle a mess of sales coming in from different sources. When your site visitors see a bunch of ads from different vendors, it becomes extremely difficult to try and figure out who should get credit for a particular sale.

    2. Unnecessarily High Costs

    When you get into a situation where there’s overlapping inventory from multiple vendors, your vendors will inadvertently bid against each other on your behalf. You wouldn’t bid against yourself on eBay, so why are you doing it with your display ads?

    3. Double Vision

    When inventory space is shared, multiple ads can end up showing on the same page. You end up hitting your prospects with duplicate ads, which frankly, just looks silly.

    4. Customer Burnout

    How do you feel when you see the same ad over and over during the commercial breaks of your favorite show? It’s kind of annoying, right? Well, this is what you end up doing to your customers when they’re overexposed to your online ads due to multiple vendors doing the exact same job. If you only want a prospect to see your ad 3 times, but you pay 3 different companies to do the job, then that customer ends up seeing the same ad 9 times instead of the intended 3 times. Totally annoying.

    5. Bad Math

    Control groups help you to know which campaigns are working, and which ones aren’t, so keeping the integrity of a control group is important when you’re testing new marketing campaigns. If you choose to use more than one retargeting vendor, you end up messing with the numbers and the control groups fail. It’s impossible for any vendor to keep a clean control group when other companies have access to serve ads to those people in the control group. Did your customer see the ad or not? You’ll have no idea if you run with multiple vendors.

    Download these 5 tips in a quick reference PDF

    So, the next time you’re looking to shack up with multiple retargeting vendors, think twice. You want to find “the one” that will lead you to happily ever after, not the “one right now,” who’ll leave you with unhappiness ever after.

    PS – For more information about testing your marketing campaigns to find out which ones are working best, download our free white paper – A/B Split Testing Guide – How to Best Test for Conversion Success

    by Aubrey Beck, Content

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