The Pop-Up Shop Phenomenon Goes Virtual

The Pop-Up Shop Phenomenon Goes Virtual

The pop-up shop phenomenon isn’t a new concept. I’m sure you’ve seen the Halloween superstores that take over our neighborhoods’ non-leased commercial spaces every October. Well that’s exactly what a pop-up shop is, and it created a frenzy of joy for Target-loving shoppers back in 2002, when the corporation transformed a glass-topped boat on the Hudson River into a floating store for the Christmas season.

But, outside of the occasional liquidation sale or season-of-the-moment store, pop-ups weren’t something you saw often – until the last few years. From high-fashion brands hosting sample sales in rented studio spaces, to the small, local artist co-ops that band together to create one-day-only art, fashion, and music retail spaces – it seems like everyone is giving a go at flash retailing. But why?

The Psychology Behind It All

There are a lot of reasons behind why people want to set up a temporary store. Some retailers don’t want to be locked into a long-term commitment, whether it be with signing a lease or stocking a large quantity of merchandise.

Also, consumers seem to attribute stronger feelings of community, and conversely, exclusivity, around these short-term stores that turn up in their area and maintain an aspect of needing to be “in the know” in order to be a part of the experience.

And we all know it’s never hurt a retailer when consumers have a built-in sense of urgency about products that will be here today, but gone tomorrow. But what about online retailers? Where’s the pop-up opportunity for the internet?

Real Time Offers Give Online Retailers A Chance At Pop-Up Shops
The same way a retailer can put up and tear down a pop-up shop in a traditional brick-and-mortar space, Real Time Offers™ give online retailers a way to create short-term selling spaces on their site for a matter of mere minutes, a day or two, or for however long they want the pop-up shop to run.

A Real Time Offer is a customizable, onsite, messaging ad unit that’s used by online retailers to message specific shoppers with behaviorally-targeted campaigns.

You can use a Real Time Offer to:

  • test a product’s popularity before committing to a full order from a manufacturer
  • run a flash sale to increase average order values, or cross-sell related products
  • sell off excess inventory more quickly

Real Time Offers, like pop-up shops, give online shoppers that extra little push they need to buy. The result – The retailer gains a sale, and the shopper is happy to have saved.

Learn how to pop-up shop your online store with SteelHouse’s Real Time Offers.

by Aubrey Beck, Content


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