Floor Merchandising For Your Site

Floor Merchandising For Your Site

We all know that having a retargeting plan in place to bring visitors back to your website after they’ve left is an important part of your marketing plan. But do you have a plan in place that drives shoppers to click “Buy” after your retargeting efforts have brought them back to your site?

Our Behavioral Commerce Platform can help you understand the types of shoppers that are on your site in order to create relevant marketing campaigns that reach them in the right place while they’re still shopping on your site – in real time.

What is a “relevant ad?”

A relevant ad speaks to what your customers are looking for, and it should help you manage your margins by understanding what you need to do to make the sale without giving away profit unnecessarily. A relevant ad also has to be placed in the right area in order to impact your customer’s buying decisions.

When was the last time you were in a department store and saw signage for a handbag sale in the lawn mower section? Or a “Buy a dozen cookies, get a dozen free,” sign in the diet and weight loss aisle at your local grocery store?

Having the right ad and showing it at the right time to the right shopper is clearly important. But what about where you show these ads?

Using Sections to put your ad in the right place

Just like in the examples above, a woman coming to your website looking to buy a bikini isn’t going to be browsing the men’s bowtie pages to find one. If you want to reach her and serve an ad telling her about a discount on bikinis, then you need to make sure the ads are on the bikini pages.

The same way traditional shopkeepers take time to create relevant floor merchandising for the shoppers walking into their stores, online retailers need to create an optimal buying environment for the shoppers visiting their sites.

Using the Sections feature for Real Time Offers™ is the easiest way to get your ad in front of the right shoppers on the right pages of your site.
Sections let you control where a Real Time Offer will appear on your site. For example, an eyewear retailer could choose to show an ad on all of their sunglasses product pages, but not pages that show aviator styles.

Sections give you the power that traditional stores have with their floor merchandising strategies. You can set your sections based on product price, name brand, SKUs, product categories, or URLs.

Learn more about how Sections can help you increase conversion rates.

by Aubrey Beck, Content