Where Is The Biggest ROI for Retailers in Social Media?

Where Is The Biggest ROI for Retailers in Social Media?

Making it easy for your customers to socially share their online purchases has become more than just an added bonus retailers can offer their customers. A recent survey conducted by SteelHouse and uSamp revealed that socially sharing online purchases is a proven way to increase lift and generate additional revenue.

Taking the time to add or include a social share button on your eCommerce site can provide a significant return on investment when consumers choose to share their new or recent buys.
According to The Social Shopping 2012 survey, a national survey of online shoppers, Pinterest users are far more likely to purchase items they see posted on the site compared to the purchasing behavior of Facebook users viewing items they’ve seen on the news feed or a friend’s wall.

Respondents were asked if Facebook or Pinterest play a role in their online shopping experiences, and nearly all respondents said yes. The survey findings revealed that Pinterest users are 79 percent more likely to purchase items they saw pinned on Pinterest versus Facebook users. Only 33 percent of Facebook users have purchased a product or service they’ve seen in a Facebook ad, on the news feed, or on a friend’s wall.

However, Facebook remains consumers’ top choice for getting ideas on what products and/or services to purchase and is also the preferred choice for social product sharing. More than one half of those surveyed said they regularly share their online purchases. Fifty-five percent of shoppers prefer to share their purchases on Facebook, followed by Twitter (22%), Pinterest (14%), and Instagram (5%).

In addition, 98 percent of shoppers say that online customer reviews have a major influence on their decision to purchase a product or service. Seventy-two percent of consumers shared they always read reviews before making a purchase, while 26 percent of consumers only sometimes read reviews before purchasing.

When reading product reviews, 83 percent of shoppers take both the star rating and written comments into consideration. Star ratings are particularly important as half of all respondents said the lowest star rating they’d accept when making a purchase is three stars on a five star scale.

Beyond just checking out reviews, many respondents said they also write reviews. Sixty-eight percent of shoppers say they rate and review products on a regular basis. The top product categories they write reviews on are electronics (23%), DVDs/CDs/MP3s (14%), books, and clothing (both 13%).

The Social Shopping 2012 survey was conducted by SteelHouse and uSamp. To see the full results, check out the infographic we created!

By Kristin Tinsley, Content