10 Ways To Optimize Your Retargeting Campaign

10 Ways To Optimize Your Retargeting Campaign

We thought we owed our loyal blog readers something all of our new customers get – SteelHouse’s 10 key retargeting optimization tips to ensure their campaigns get off to a huge start.

Follow these tips to see your retargeting campaigns drive more return visitors to your site, and increase conversions. And if you like these tips and want more ideas to improve your campaigns, just check out the articles we post every month on ClickZ!

1. Keep your logo prominent and consistent throughout all ad units.

2. Integrate product images in your creative. It helps to remind shoppers about the products they were interested in and were browsing before they left your site.

3. Keep your message clear! Make sure your creative matches the landing page to which it is linked. That way the brand image/message you were originally communicating is carried throughout the conversion funnel.

4. Provide multiple ad groups to keep your brand fresh and relevant.

5. Raise the stakes! Offer incentives with a sense of urgency. Test scarcity messages like ‘Limited Time Only’ or ‘While Supplies Last,’ that prompt your customers to act quickly.

6. Sound a call to action with buttons and phrases like “Learn more” or “Shop now.” Offers perform better when a call to action is highlighted. For example, “Order today and receive free shipping!”

7. Test different pricing metrics. Are percentages or dollar figures more effective for your target audience? Even if the effective prices are the same, customers may respond differently to an offer for 10% off a $100 purchase versus $10 off a $100 purchase.

8. Try flash animation and rich media ads tied to a clear call to action to grab and hold your customer’s attention.

9. Creative flow should run from left to right, top to bottom. Users tend to scan in this direction. For vertical units, key content should be in the top 2/3 of the unit, because the lower 1/3 may be below the fold of the browser your shopper is using.

10. Most importantly, say more with less!

by Anthony Ginn, VP

image source: blog.crowdscience.com