12 Types of Shoppers You Should Be Targeting

12 Types of Shoppers You Should Be Targeting

In our recent post about how best to incentivize 10 common shopping personalities, we discussed segmenting consumers’ shopping behavior for the purpose of being able to message each segment uniquely.

So how do you figure out which personalities are on your site? Well, it starts with being able to capture and analyze LIVE data about the people visiting your site. When you’re able to group different site visitors into specific segments, you can start to test which offers or messaging creates the highest engagement rates within each segment.

If you think about it, a segment is really just an opportunity profile – a profile of a shopper that you have the opportunity to convert. When you begin to analyze and account for the individuality of your site visitors, you’re in a better position to present highly-tailored marketing messages that speak directly to their needs and wants.

Using a Behavioral Commerce Platform frees retailers from having to offer a discount to people who would buy anyway. It’s always a balancing act for retailers – offering incentives to get the sale, but needing to preserve every bit of margin they can get. When you understand your shoppers’ buying behaviors, you can deliver customized offers to specific types of shoppers and get the most from your marketing campaigns.

Here are 12 of the most common opportunity profiles that our clients target when they’re looking to increase engagement levels, conversion rates, and average order values (AOV).

1. Reluctant Shopper – This type of shopper will place an item or group of items in their cart, complete the shipping and credit card information, and then abandon the purchase on the last page of checkout.

2. Premium Shopper – These shoppers view high AOV products, or have a cart value that totals two times the AOV.

3. Patient Shopper – The patient shopper spends a long time on your site, browsing around and racking up more than two times the average page views.

4. Enthusiast Shopper – This person is one who has visited your site two or more times within the last 7-10 days.

5. Free Shipping Hunter – The Free Shipping Hunter is one who added item(s) to their cart, completed their information, and then bounced on the shipping page of your checkout process.

6. Coupon Code Hunter – This person left your site when they noticed that there was a coupon or promotional code that they did not possess. They leave your site once they arrive on the ‘enter coupon/promotional code’ page.

7. Abandon Cart Shopper – This type of shopper added an item or group of items to the shopping cart but abandoned the cart almost immediately, on the first page of the checkout process.

8. Loyal Shopper – A loyal shopper has made multiple purchases you within a specified timeframe (i.e. 2 purchases in 2 weeks)

9. Wish List Shopper – This person will add items to and re-visit their wish list section on your site.

10. Category Shopper – Someone who shops around within a specific category of product, for example “shoes” or “cookware.”

11. Special Value Shopper – A shopper who took advantage of the Special Values, Promotions, or Offer Redemption page.

12. Searching Shopper – This shopper has a relatively high number of page views, but abandoned from within the onsite search

by Aubrey Beck, Content

image source: www.everythingtechnologymarketing.blogspot.com