10 Most Popular Real Time Offer Use Cases

10 Most Popular Real Time Offer Use Cases

Just in time for Easter and all the Spring promotional campaigns, we’ve examined how our customers are using Real Time Offers and compiled a list of the ten most popular use cases that can help increase your conversion rates and revenue.

1. Increase Average Order Values – When your average order values have been stuck in a lower range, you can use on-site messaging to encourage shoppers to add more to their cart and give them a small discount for doing so. Even with a small discount, you can see a positive total campaign ROI because the revenue from the incremental cart value increase will usually exceed the small discount provided.

2. Decrease Shopping Cart Abandonment – With retailers seeing approximately 97% of their site visitors not converting, they need a new approach to get more of their visitors purchasing. After identifying specific buying behaviors and shopping personalities on the Behavioral Commerce Platform™, you can determine the best offer to incentivize certain audience segments to complete a purchase.

3. Increase Packaged Sales – Recommending additional products that pair well with products your customers have already added to their cart, can increase average order values. For instance, if someone is looking at an HDTV, the Real Time Offer can cross-sell a Blu-Ray DVD player. Or if someone is searching for shoes, recommending other accessories that go along with them can optimize the chance that both items will get purchased.

4. New Product Alerts – Use a non-intrusive slide-out to let your site visitors know about the newest, latest and most popular products on your site. Doing so reinforces other site messaging or communications you’ve done and helps to ensure that shoppers check out your new products and understand their benefits.

5. Strengthen Performance of Other Marketing Channels – Because Real Time Offers can be scheduled to run during certain times, you can coordinate when they appear and show them to shoppers who’ve also received email messages. Creating a sustained and consistent messaging campaign, from email inbox to onsite visit, is the best way to reinforce your brand experience and maximize revenue results.

6. Private Sales – Instead of having to rely on other vendors for private sales support, clients can use Real Time Offers to target specific shoppers and let them know about private sales for VIP or loyal clients.

7. Combine with Retargeting – While Real Time Offers will direct shopper behavior while they’re shopping on your site, Retargeting works when visitors navigate off-site to places like Facebook, CNN, Weather.com etc. Retailers are using Retargeting to bring customers back to their site and then deliver a Real Time Offer to close the sales cycle.

8. Get Very Specific with Your Targeting – Because our Behavioral Commerce Platform enables you to get very targeted with certain shoppers on your site, clients have zeroed in on specific shopper DMAs where they want to generate more revenue. For instance, you can run promotions to shoppers in certain states or regions and get their stats back towards your national averages.

9. Increase Your Physical Stores Sales – Real Time Offers can also be used in conjunction with operating a traditional brick and mortar retail store. Make an offer online that direct shoppers to your nearest physical store if you’re out of stock online, for example, or if the shopper looks like they may abandon the site due to inactivity.

10. Use Seasonality to Your Advantage – Using an on-site messaging system can be a way to generate excitement among your shopper base that isn’t necessarily promotional or discount driven. For instance, many retailers have product lines that are seasonally driven and use Real Time Offers to ensure clients don’t miss these limited time or seasonally-based products.

by Kristin Tinsley, Content

image source: www.blog.couponalbum.com