The Power of NOW: 5 Benefits of Using a Real Time Marketing Platform

The Power of NOW: 5 Benefits of Using a Real Time Marketing Platform

The power of being able to message your shoppers in real time, based on data gathered about their behaviors in the moment that they’re actually shopping, cannot be underestimated.

Many eCommerce sites offer blanket discounts or promotions to everyone who shops their site. Every person who visits the site is hit with the same marketing message and the same offer, without any regard to that person’s shopping personality or past buying behavior. Contrary to popular opinion, this is NOT what shoppers want.

You don’t need to do a lot of research to discover that blanket promotions are not the most effective way to increase conversions and boost margins. People are unique and their distinctive personalities and ingrained behaviors affect the way they make decisions while shopping.

Shoppers want to feel as if they’re being offered something unique, exclusive and directed at their desires.

Some shoppers will pay full price to get the item they want today, while others will never buy on a first visit no matter how good the offer. Some shoppers refuse to make a purchase without receiving free shipping, and some are focused on loyalty programs and earning points for every purchase they make.

With a real time Behavioral Commerce Platform™ you’ll discover many new innovations. The first and most effective innovation is personality-based insight that will help you as the retailer to segment your audience by behavioral data.

Then the second innovation is the ability to use that insight, instantly, by delivering offers to people while they’re still on your site.

Real Time Marketing Platform Benefits

  • Segment shoppers based on tell-tale shopping patterns and buying behaviors, and then deliver the most effective offer to them in the same moment that they’re actually shopping
  • Using customized, on-site messaging and targeted display ads, enable retailers to dramatically increase conversion rates and margins
  • Use on-site messaging to build newsletter lists and enroll new members in loyalty programs
  • Gain personality-based insight that helps you segment your audience by their unique behavioral data
  • Act on the behavioral insight immediately by delivering offers to your shoppers while they’re still on your site

Real Time Marketing is truly proving to be the next disruptive technology for eCommerce. Retailers and marketers are learning that they need to reach shoppers with the right offer in the exact moment that they’re shopping, before they move on and are exposed to competing offers.

The power of “now” is proving to be invaluable to the retailers who are choosing to take advantage of new capabilities in behavioral marketing.

by Aubrey Beck, Content

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