3 Common Challenges That Online Retailers Face

3 Common Challenges That Online Retailers Face

We work with retailers day in and day out, and often have the opportunity to hear about the pain points they face with their eCommerce sites. Everything from the way a landing page looks to deploying a seamless user experience, is a labor of love, but by addressing the challenges with the right tools, retailers can easily turn their challenges into victories.

Challenge #1

Approximately 97% of people who visit an eCommerce site leave without buying ?anything.

While the top performing sites might get 17%+ conversion rates, the rest ?of the industry achieves far less. Typically, most conversion rates range between 1 and 3%.

Many online retailers never take into account the unique personality traits or varying shopping behaviors of the people who actually visit their site. They view all shoppers through one conversion funnel and present all of them with identical promotions and discounts without knowing which exact offer will actually incentivize each to buy.

SOLUTION: Retailers need to have a way to segment shoppers based on observed buying behaviors and shopping personalities, then deliver unique messaging targeted to those individual groups.

When marketers have the ability to create hundreds of individual funnels based on shoppers’ distinct personalities and buying behaviors, they’re able to ?maximize yield and conversion ratio by offering unique messaging targeted specifically to personality-based segments.

Challenge #2

Lost opportunities hidden in mounds of data.

Collecting data is great, but if you don’t have the means to analyze the data in an efficient and timely way, you lose the value of the data. When you’re marketing to people online you must be able to observe, understand, and react to decisions they’re making in real time so that you are able to capture the sale before they navigate off-site to a competitor.

The largest sites have armies of data analysts and engineers to assist them in giving every site visitor the best possible offer to ensure the sale, but smaller sites are often working without these resources available to them.

SOLUTION: Utilize a platform that is able to both access important site activity and behavioral data, and also launch marketing campaigns in real time.

Challenge #3

A pervasive lack of transparency in reporting.

When online advertising results can’t be proven, retailers end up paying for views and clicks that don’t convert. eCommerce marketers are often unable to find out where their online ads are running because tech partners are trying to protect their own margins.

SOLUTION: Use an eCommerce marketing platform that proves ROI with control groups and total data disclosure. Clients should have access to everything the marketing company has access to: placement, ?profit and performance. ?

by Aubrey Beck, Content

image sources: www.brickmeetsclick.com, www.gguama.blogspot.com