Top 5 Retargeting Holiday Optimization Tips

Top 5 Retargeting Holiday Optimization Tips

Direct from SteelHouse’s Client Services team is a list of five steps you can take right now to improve your Retargeting ad creative. These five simple actions will give your ad creative the boost it needs to get your shoppers to come back to your site and purchase.

1. Say More With Less

A good ad starts with simple but compelling messaging. Streamlined messaging also means more room for images and branding touches that can make your ad really stand out.

2. Show And Tell

Make your ad come alive. Whether it’s a logo, product image, or illustration, a rich image can generate more interaction.

3. Put Some Motion Into It!

Sitch all your creative to flash or animated gifs. With Flash ads, your creative can command attention and drive your shoppers back to your site. We can help you develop and launch non-flash animated creative for iPad users.

4. Give ‘Em What They Want

Has your targeted audience visited your site numerous times without purchasing? Offers such as free shipping and discounts for high-value orders can help increase conversions to these specific audiences! You can also remind them of the products they browsed on your site with SteelHouse Dynamic Ads.

5. Call Your Shoppers to Action

Nothing gets a shopper to click like a compelling call to action! This holiday season, go bold with a seriously compelling offer to grab your shoppers’ attention. Shoppers will be more likely to click through and take advantage of your promotion. Additionally, escalating offers can automatically deepen or change your promotion to maximize your results.

ProTip: Real Time Offers Integrate with Retargeting!
Use Real Time Offers to link your Retargeted promotion directly to your retail site without having to build out a series of unique landing pages. Embed messaging, coupon codes, product images, cusotmer reviews, and more!